Saturday, August 30, 2008

St Johns Wort

I'm back posting after a few day break.I worked five long days in a week and felt very tired.
The garden is showing signs of slowing down, with leaves changing colour and dying back on some of the plants.
My Tomato plants have succumbed to blossom end rot.The mixture of rain and hot days has made the fruits go brown and yucky!
The worst effected was the Gardeners Delight.I salvaged a few tomatos to try and ripen in the kitchen.I will make a Tomato and Basil soup with them once they are reddened.
As the Sweet Peas and Pea plant die back other plants are flowering.The pictured St Johns Wort, the White Gladiolus, the Dahlias, and the Roses have more buds developing.
I have seen my first conkers lying on the paths beneath the Horse Chestnut Trees. The Brambles fruit is developing the blackberrys from the purple stage.
Summer is drawing to a close.The month of September should be good for flowers, and for me to blog.I have had something in flower for almost 9 months now, not bad for a first year garden.
I'm already planning in my head for next year. It's been great for flowers on so many different plants.I am a plantsman and a gardener :)


Sue Swift said...

Sorry about the tomatoes, but glad some of the other stuff is doing well. What's your recipe for the soup?

snappy said...

Hi Sue,I will blog the Tomato soup recipie when i find one.My tomatos are not ripened yet.One is red, the other sixty are still green.I keep thinking of the book fried green tomatos at the whistlestop cafe..
I have eaten some delicious cherry tomatos grown in the hanging basket.I love picking them and eating them straight away.