Sunday, August 31, 2008

Triumph And Disaster (In The Garden)

The Rose Lady Emma Hamilton has grown multiple new flower buds on new growth. I hope next year it will be festooned in flowers. The apricot flowers are beautifully scented and light up the garden.
I have a mystery plant growing with raggedy pale blue flowers, near to where I planted the Cornflowers.I will blog it to see if anyone can recognise it.
In spring I took out the weeds quickly, but as the summer came I became more relaxed, leaving things to see what they turned into.
I am going to the allotment soon, to harvest some vegetables and to do some tidying. I am thinking about what can grow where after the winter. The beds all need digging over and more compost mixed into the soil.
Having the allotment has been fun, but very hard work to try and juggle life and two gardens! As the poem by Rudyard Kipling goes you have to meet triumph and disaster head on, and treat the two imposters the same way.
Gardening is a lot like that. Some things work really well, and some things fail spectacularly.The combination of both these make each garden unique.
My worst casualties have been the black Hollyhocks which were diseased and never got off the ground.The Clematis Reubens that died suddenly for no apparent reason.The Tomatos in the grow bag also failed after developing masses of fruit, but that just started to rot...
My highlights have been all the Roses I planted flowered, even with endemic blackspot. The Dahlias and Lillys have also been beautiful flowers. I have grown vegetables for the first time with good results.
Even as you look back to earlier in the year, you also think about next year. I have a small pile of flower catalogues from the seed companys. Eye candy for the darks of winter to keep your gardening flame burning when the dark inclement days keep you inside.


joco said...

Good morning,

Not easy to keep it in balance though, is it? You have to laugh, and try to look at the doughnut, not the hole ;-)

I managed to pick some unscathed roses from my 'Danse du Feu' this morning. They are only unscathed because they are too high up for the snails.


snappy said...

Hi Joco,I was trying in Spring to prevent the slugs and snails demolishing my plants.The lush growth of the garden and the heavy rain has seen them attack the garden with renewed vigour.They chomp a lot of the Dahlias but they still flower.
I'm glad your Danse du Feu were unscathed by them and you managed to pick them.Are they red Roses?
Its good to laugh and see the glass half full :)