Monday, August 25, 2008

Night Fever

A moth last night on the Teasel.Im amazed by how much flys around at night landing on my colourful flowers.
These are guided by scent as their is only the light from the house.
The secret pollinators you cannot see really unless you stand in the garden at night.


Salix Tree said...

I too went outside last night. I had been in my room, with the window cracked open a tiny bit, when I heard the faint singing of a blackbird. It was so beautiful, I had to go outside to enjoy the song fully, standing under the big beech for many minutes listening to the lone bird singer.

snappy said...

Hi Salixtree,I love Blackbirds songs too.Its so calming to listen to them singing.I have not seen any in the garden for ages.They were more frequent visitors in the winter.I hope the cold and dark days bring them back into the garden.
You can see why they make bird song CD's for people to listen too...