Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Thoughts

The Chamomile and Butterfly Bush in flower on Saturday. I got the autumn catalogue from Bakker and spent a few hours perusing it.The summers not over yet and all the seed and plant catalogues are being sent out tempting you to buy even more plants, flowers, and bulbs for next year.
I'm trying to imagine winter when the garden will be clearer and there may be room for my homeless plants. Some grasses and red flowering Camellia need planting in the off season.
I have been thinking about what worked and what did not work as well.The majority of edible plants will be grown up at the allotment next year, so i can concentrate on flowers.
The two exceptions will be Chilli plants and Tomatos which need lavish attention, so they fruit fully.
I have enjoyed the homegrown vegetables and potatoes that the garden and allotment have produced.
I think I want the plants to stay within the borders, to keep the patio free for water features and bird table.
This year I had so many plants that a lot have been grown in pots and containers on either side of the borders. It looks lush and green but its difficult to enjoy all the flowers when you are fighting through masses of green to see them.
As plants go over and look ropey then you can think what the garden has done well.The garden has supplied eight months of photos for the blog.A wide variety too I think.
I love Roses and might grow more varieties next year.I might substitute some with new Rose bushes bought bare root in the winter.
Next year I want a bed for cut flowers at the allotment as well as expanding what I'm growing up there. I have Seven beds at the moment, with six more of Mr Saddiqs. A fourteenth bed will be dug in the winter, along with the erecting of the shed.
I have enjoyed the gardening and vegetable growing. I hope my enthusiasm shows in the regular posts and photos. Im working a long day today so no gardening today.


lisa said...

I hadn't been by in quite awhile, sounds like you've enjoyed an amazing (and busy!) summer....your posts definately reflect that!

snappy said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for reading my posts and leaving many comments.I must start visiting peoples blogs to see what they have been doing.Winter will be good time to do this..