Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Roses In The Rain

It has been a wet few days.I was out in the garden early photographing the flowers.My Florida Dream pink Rose is flowering beautifully, and the scent is of sweet oranges.I love their shape and how they get bigger but still hold the petals.The rain had washed them downwards.

The climbing Rose Zephrine Drouhain has three flower buds on one climbing stem.I missed the first Rose opening when I was at Tatton Park.Its a wander of nature when a flower opens on a plant you have been tending, and nurturing.The wow factor never goes down for me.Every new Rose is photograph worthy!

The Lady Emma Hamilton has flowered eleven times, and this will be the twelth Rose.They are delicate though and the rain breaks the petals up too easily.Maybe next years flowers will be sturdier.

The suprise return of the Margaret Merrill Rose.The most strongly fragranced after the Lady Emma Hamilton.I cut off all the black spot diseased leaves and this new growth duly sprung up and has formed flower buds.
One Rose still in flower, with three other Roses returning for an encore, like operatic divas of the garden.
The rain cannot dampen the Roses spirits.


Daisy said...

I used to have roses, but for some reason my dogs kept yanking them out of the ground before they really established themselves. I expected them to go nuts on the bone meal in the dirt (which they did not), but not to yank out the whole plant!

Beautiful buds, Snappy!

Pomona Belvedere said...

Loved the rose pictures. It's true, each opening flower is still a wow.

Weird about the dog rose-diggers, I'd never heard of this before. In the U.S. there's something called "Repels All", a nontoxic spray that works on a lot of different animals, or sometimes pet stores have sprays for keeping dogs off furniture, might work.

Roses in the rain, always beautiful and refreshing for those of us who have no rain.

Lynn said...

Beautiful roses David. Roses always remind me of my mums parents, they had a front garden full of roses to be proud of. Now the house has been sold the new owners have demolished it and are laying concrete.. i pass it on my way to work and find it very sad and try not to look!!!!

snappy said...

Hi Daisy,Bad dogs pulling the Roses out.The only creatures that have damaged the plants were Cats eating the Catnip Sixhills Giant.Slugs and Snails have wreaked havoc too..
Hi Pomona, you would be welcome to some of our rain.There is more than enough to go around.Its been a strange summer going between hot sunshine and torrential rain.Its rained for weeks now virtually every day.
Hi Lynn, at least you can remember your parents beautiful Roses at your parents.Just try not to look as you walk by.