Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day Out

York Minster today under cloudy skys.Hil's took me and Mum to walk around and go shopping.
It was packed and full of so many shops between old buildings and streets.
The River Ouse runs through the heart of the city.The queue's to the Jorvik viking centre still snaked along the square.
Masses of hanging baskets adorn the centre, the bridges, and all routes into the city.

Dahlia Dianas Memory in flower today in my garden.One section got eaten by something, but it kept on flowering.
The white, pink, and yellow are gorgeous colours.Two buds are growing that have not been eaten yet.
I will photograph this once it fully opens.The skys today were gray, and the light is fading earlier.
Summer is approaching the end of the season.
There are still loads more flowers to go yet, a colourful finale to the summer flower fiesta.
I hope the Dahlia is named after Princess Diana as it is delicate and beautiful.


lisa said...

That IS a gorgeous flower! Seems like everything they name after her is it should be!

snappy said...

Hi Lisa, its lovely to read a comment from you.The Dahlia has been an outstanding flower from this year.Along with the Rose LEH as one of my fav flowers..