Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Three Amigos

its early Sunday morning and I have got up for a cup of tea.I can hear the rain pelting the windows and saw my Tomato plants are getting battered down.I thought I would blog my Dahlias.The Three Amigos are three flowers that were in bloom this week.The first photo is called Night Queen.It looks Zinnia red to me not burgundy like the packaging said..

The lemon yellow Dahlia from the Hampsons selection marked mixed colours.This has been destroyed by the rain and wind now.New yellow buds are growing around where it was.Yellow perfection.

The last Dahlia is from Hils greenhouse.I planted this and it has flowered really well under the shadow of the Cerinthes.
These Aztec golden flowers help brighten the garden in the most miserable of weather.Cat comes back today from Florida.
Maybe thats why i cannot sleep.Im at work in four hours...


Daisy said...

Those dahlias are beautiful! Mine really haven't bloomed too much this year.

snappy said...

Thanks Daisy,glad you like them.Im a big fan of the seductive flowers!