Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love Lily's

Its Sunday morning and two of my Lilys have flowered yesterday.The first is the very fragrant Oriental Stargazer.This Lily has been grown since the 1970's, and was bred by an American.I love the colours like splattered strawberry jam with white petals with lime green stripes.My fav Lily from last year.I will get more for next summer.One plant is still in the bud stage but hopefully will flower soon.This one is growing in the kitchen.

From the spring flower show the Casablanca Lily.I have bought the DVD of the Humphrey Bogart film from 1942.One of my favourite classic films, and the pure white flower with a hint of green near the stamens.It smells sweetly fragrant, but not as heady as the Stargazer Lily.
These Lilys are used in wedding Bouquets, they have the air of purity and innocence.No wander angels are always dressed in white.
The plant has five flower buds on it, with two opening when i was at work.I love the Lillys..


Anonymous said...

Hiya snappy,

"splattered strawberry jam"
I love it!

I didn't know one could have lilies without holes in ;-) No lily beetles then in your garden? No snails? How do you do it?

Casablanca , what a great name for a white flower. How many flower heads did you get this year?

I enjoyed reading your pages.

lisa said...

Don't you just LOVE the fragrance these give off?! No wonder you have one in the house...good idea!

snappy said...

Hi Joco, you're comment made me smile about the Strawberry jam.I had snails but the garden birds have kept their numbers down loads.Alas the slugs hide untill nightfall so they have not been eliminated.
The Lilly beetles were probably foxed by the numerous fragrant plants in the garden.Like a perfumerie the air must be thick with many scents.They can find a Lily apparently from miles away by the scent.
The Casablanca Lilly has five large white blooms on it at the moment.They smell sweet, a cross between the pungent asiatic lilly fragrance and candy sticks.They are beautiful white with a hint of pink on the back of the flower petals.
Hi Lisa, The second Oriental Stargazer is almost flowering outside in a pot.Two weeks after the one indoors.Next year I will plant lots of these two kinds of Lillys...