Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An English Summer

The second B post is about Bee's.They visit my garden daily and are attracted to the Sunflowers, Butterfly Bush, Catmint, Cerinthes, Verbena Bonarensis, Petunias, Million Bells, and the Teasel too.
All those flowers have been visited by many species of Bee's, as well as flys and hoverflys.
The body is electrically charged to attract pollen grains to stick to the Bee's body.
This one let me photograph him at close range without me disturbing his foraging.
Their energetic workrate is colloquially described as being " a busy little bee" . It is so fun to watch them flying from flower to flower, then back to the first flower.
I think this is a Honey Bee and that he will take the pollen back to the communal hive. As gardeners we are aware of the work these little insects do, and how whole agricultural industrys rely on them to produce edible crops.
We should treasure every visit and know that thousands of years have evolved the ongoing relationshop between people, flowering plants, and bee's. These flight of the Bees can be viewed in any garden with flowering plants, in your own backyard.
The bee's noise and striking bodies in flight are always the highlight of an English summer for me, like Strawberrys and Cream, and Sunshine.


spookydragonfly said...

Enjoyed your photos...I love to watch the insects go about their daily business..it's fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Hi David, I enjoy watching the bees enjoying the flowers around my cottage where there's plenty of wild thyme in full flower for them to enjoy. Also, I'm a blogger. Drop by when you have a moment to see my bees.

Daisy said...

I really like bee shots - yours is impressive!

snappy said...

Thanks Spookydragonfly, I love that name.Looking at the insects in the garden is fascinating, and the camera helps capture some of the moments we get when we take time to look small..
Hi Plantbuddy,I will droop by your blog and see the Bees buzzing..
Thanks Daisy,Im glad you like the bee's.They are so photogenic for me and let me get close to photograph them for the blog.