Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rain Reflections

Happy Snappy Streptocarpus is the first in flower this year on the kitchen windowsill.Following close behind is the new Streptocarpus Snow White, and the Streptocarpus Nerys which have flower buds developing on the end of the bendy stems.
The double flower makes it look like the bottom flower is reflecting in water.
It has been foul weather today with torrential rain and thunder and lightning.
It was too wet to get to the allotment.I hope to get up Thursday after work tomorrow.
The garden looks bedraggled with the heavy rain knocking flowers over with its constant battering.
The only thing that seems happy with the rain is the Tomato plants and the fruits are growing larger.
The Streptocarpus are so coloutful, i did not think they would flower for me.They are bought in masses of flowers, but after the shock of bringing them home they always seem to struggle.
I am pleased that the first plant of six has flowered.More photos to come as the others flower.I am watching the Olympic Showjumping.Team Great Britain won a bronze medal :)
Now its the showjumping for the individual medals.The rain keeps falling.


Daisy said...

Those double flowers are beautiful!

snappy said...

Thanks Daisy, I love the Streptocarpus.They have such beautiful flowers, it was worth the wait!