Friday, August 22, 2008

Birds Of Summer

The third B that has made my summer has been watching the Garden Birds eat all the snacks I put out in the multiple feeders. The cheeky Robin who usually visits every day, multiple times, and watches me digging or weeding.

Blue tits, great Tits, Coal Tits, House Sparrows, Song Thrushes, a Wren, Magpies, Pidgeons, and Collared Doves. Rare visitors include Black Birds and Goldfinches.
The birds of Summer have been different from the birds of winter.I need to keep replenishing the bird food though now i have started.
Sitting with a coffee watching them fly in and out of the garden has been a joy to behold this year.
I hope the birds visit when Mums here as she is a keen bird watcher.The food and water are always restocked to encourage these garden spirits to meet me in the garden.


acting agent's daughter said...

you can't be a gardener or enjoy the landscape without also being a birdwatcher and butterfly admirer!

I like your blog.. please come check out my new blog sometime where we post tips for landscaping, gardening and offer some free plants and images.

lisa said...

You have a nice selection of visitors! Another benefit from having birdy traffic are the wildflower seeds they bring in on their feet and in their can make for some nice new plants for free. (Although sometimes weeds, too.)

snappy said...

Thanks Acting Agents Daughter,I will check out your blog...
Hi Lisa, the free plants the birds drop are always nice suprises.If you leave them to grow and flower.
Sunflowers, a Pea Plant, and the mystery blue flower so far this year from the birds....