Friday, August 15, 2008

Mystery Plant And Edible Ones

Sometimes plants suprise you when they flower. This plant is a native of the USA, only growing in boggy conditions in North Carolina. I bought it from Hampsons, and it has been moved from my kitchen to the greenhouse. It likes no plant food, and rain water only to keep the pot moist.

One white flower open, one finished flowering, and buds still to open. Guess what the plant is.

My first Tomato that is changing colour.The Tomato Matsoka in the hanging basket.These red fruits are going to be the last thing to be ready for salads, sandwiches, and soups...

Who cant love Sunflowers?This is a dinky small one growing besides the one remaining Hollyhock. I love the Fibronicci spiral which is pure natural art. The birds will eat the seeds from all the sunflowers (and Goldfinches I hope).
I have homegrown vegetables and potatoes ready for a roast chicken dinner tonight with Cat.
Amsterdam Sprint Carrots, Runner Beans, Peas, and King Edward Potatoes.The joys of growing all these edible plants is eating them :)


Karen said...

Today I had a squirrel come by and steal a whole flower. (I don't have the dinner-plate size ones you sometimes see. The biggest one I have is the size of my palm.) It was funny to watch him run off with it. When the goldfinches come by to eat, the flowers are already ragged, but the finches tear the top petals off so they can perch on top of the flower and pick at the seeds. The flowers are no longer pretty anymore, but the birds make up for it.

snappy said...

Hi Karen,I smiled when I read that the squirrel had took the whole flower head.He obviously loves sunflower hearts.I will wait and see what garden birds feed from the masses of seeds.I'm enjoying the flowers though.These are all bird seed drops that have germinated.
I let them grow and flower.

lisa said...

I think the white bog flower is a I right?

snappy said...

Hi Lisa, it is the flower from my Venus Flytrap :)

lisa said...

Oh wow...good one! :)