Saturday, April 08, 2006

House plants

I had to put this enlarged a new African Violet plant from B&Q with gorgeous white and pink edged flowers.The other african violet is chilling after flowering for eight months!!The velvety green leaves, crown shaped, and delicate flowers mean i love these plants.Thank god somebody brought them back from east africa.It gives me pleasure just looking at it!!
New cactus from B&Q.It has funny green folds and spines from it.I have about a dozen cactus and always look for new ones for my mini collection.I look for different styles of cactus and colours.
My nan's easter cactus.It has a flower bud on it on the right hand side, a white bulb like thing.I thought it was an xmas cactus.I have repotted it into the japenese style container with new soil.Last year it flowered when we were away so i never saw it grow.Its tempremental looking healthy one week, and diseased the next.
My dream plant that i searched for, for years Sansaveiria or mother in laws tongue.It has been repotted in the clay pot.It needs repotting when it cracks the pot.
Here is some of my cactus collection, moved from the windowsill onto the tray.They are waiting a new placement.They have been repotted, and given new soil.

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