Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was looking at statcounter and followed a link back to my archived blog posts.I was amazed at how funky the photos were. Tea roses, busy lizzies, french marigolds, wild petunias, gladiolus, etc etc.
The photos of sunsets, cloudy days, and light spilling from sky were amazing.It brought nostalgic memories back, recorded for posterity.
The oldest posts show the garden with the rickety old fence, no long border, and few plants in the soil.
The grass was alternately long and overgrown or cut short.Its interesting how the garden looks now in its springtime look.
The stories about slug attack, and my attempts to thwart them.I will try to blog often and take pictures so i will have two years of gardening pics to look at.
I hope it inspires other people.I get inspiration from other blogs, TV programs, and gardening magasines!
Keep on growing world!


Claire Splan said...


I enjoyed checking out your site. Lots of things going on and the musical accompaniment is a treat. If you could work in some sort of smell-o-vision for the fragrant plants, it would be a full-sensory delight!

Looking forward to more...

OldRoses said...

I love looking back on my posts from last year too!