Monday, April 10, 2006

End of the stormy days

Its monday evening and finally, after three days of pouring rain and hale it seems to have got nicer with some sunshine between the clouds.You can see my white birch tree against the back drop sky, clouds, and roofs.
I got back from work to have a look around at my plants to see how they survived the rain, hale stones, and freezing weather last night.
Oh my god the busy lizzies have all succumbed to the rot/frost.The pictures of the surviving plants are potted ones by backdoor and one in the kitchen windowsill.
That means twenty busy lizzies have bitten the soil after three days!!!Everything else has survived the changeable weather intact.
To my horror besides my white flowered tree a hole had appeared, two foot deep.I thought of next doors dog but Sallyanne thinks it was the rain running down the hill has drained so much that it dislodged soil.There is a piece of board now over the offending hole.
No seeds planted have germinated yet.I'm soooooooooooooooo impatient and look often to see visual signs of progress.
What it means is there will be gaps on my long border, and the square border.Back to the drawing board or replant in May when the frost monster wont bite my plants!

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