Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thaw And Thoughts Of Spring

The snow is slowly melting away now. the temperature has been above freezing, and the sleety snow has just started to melt the snow on our hillside.
This Butterfly has damaged its wing on the right. They were a pair from Trilby street, and both have suffered Wing Damage.
It has been emerging from its snowy cocoon, as before it was totally covered in the white stuff.
I will enjoy seeing the garden uncovered to see my emerging Spring bulbs.
The Greenhouse needs totally emptying and cleaning out. Floors swept, pots washed and stacked, dead plants removed, and made ready for the heady seed sowing days of March and April.
The Parsnips are still buried under the snow. They will taste lovely once they have been dug up. I have a compost bin full ready to revamp our raised veg beds..
I want to sit down with my biscuit tins that hold all my Seed packets, and decide what can be sown this year. I can then study the seed brochures to decide which new flowers and veg to try out.
The garden birds continue to entertain me feeding in the garden. They have been drawn into the garden with the constant supply of food.
Last night we saw a Fox crossing the road near Pugneys. He jumped back from the road onto the pavement, then ran across the roundabout. He was a small wiry Fox with a red coat and fluffy tail. They must all goto Pugneys with its wildlife reserve for a Foxy takeaway of small mammals or birds..
I bought an RSPB card the other day with a Fox on it. He can go onto the sidebar...


Lesley said...

Hi David. :) Like you, I'm keeping my thoughts fixed on Spring and thinking about what new plants I can try out this year, and looking forward to old favourites too.

Cat said...

Beautiful photograph :o)

clairesgarden said...

i've been sorting out my seeds, three lists, what I have, what I need and what I want....