Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowdrops And Old Friends

I am back from Cheltenham now, after a weekend spent with Mum. This delightful Snowdrop opened its first flower on Saturday. I love the purity of the white petals, and the intricate markings of the lime green inner part of the flower. These are harbingers of Spring, pushing up through the snow and soil. They were brought from Turkey in the 17th century but have been widely naturalised around Britain. Febuary is meant to be the month to see Snowdrop carpets in several public gardens like Painswicks Roccocco gardens.
I had to kneel down on the grass to get the photo. I guess the small bulbs would be great in a container, or trough so you can see them at eye level.

It was overcast on the first day, and the sun was shining through the hazy sky. I think it made Mums garden look ethereal, and moody.
I saw a Robin today in her tree next to the tool shed. All my favourite parts of the garden were still there.
A large Camelia bush adorned with pink flower buds, the climbing Rose that hangs over the brickwork and kitchen window. The Hebe bush that is bigger than me.
The Campanula had spread like wildfire around the soil under the Kitchen window. I rubbed the Santolina (we call it Cotton Lavender) and the scent took me back ten years...
There were Crocuses and Daffodils pushing their way up through the soil. All the Cheltenham snow had melted away before I came back.
I spent the weekend shopping in town, and at the Racecourses Car boot sale yesterday. I found a Hyacinth bulb with the dutch type glass jar that I blogged about before in a Charity shop.
I bought a one pound box of Jalapeno Chilli seeds ready for March sowing (With a heated propagator I have not bought yet).
Mum's famous pot of Sempervivum's (House Leeks) are growing on strong. They have been growing in there pot for twenty years. They grow lots of Baby House leeks and drop them over the edge of the pot. I have five baby plants ready to start my own eternal House leek pot.
The brief visit to my Mum's garden has fired me up ready for the spring as yet unsprung..
Its back to work for me tomorrow. I need to get out into our garden and the allotment.


Bren said...

I love the little snow drops.... just a reminder of all the good things yet to come!
Happy Monday!

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Lucky you seeing the snowdrops. It is white here as well, but with snow instead.