Friday, January 08, 2010

Ice Sculptures

Britain is shivering under the spell of the coldest winter for twenty years. The snow and ice have wreaked havoc with the transport infrastructure. There has been some beautiful sights though too. People say the snow covered landscape is very pretty, like a Christmas card come to life. The melting snow drips from our roof, but freezes at night. My new David Austin Rose has become an Ice sculpture. All the stems and buds have been encased in a clear glacial prison.

The pot has been frozen solid too, and is stuck to the backstep...

Outside the bedroom window is two three feet long Icicles, twisting like horns down from the guttering. The melting snow drips down the icy horns, then freezes at night. They are very pretty to look at the light through them.
The night time temperature was minus nine degrees centigrade last night. All gardening has ceased, and I have just been enjoying the beauty of the snow and the ice.
The birds have been flocking into the garden today to feed and frolic.

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clairesgarden said...

wow, nature does fabulous things! wish it would warm up though..