Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally managed to photograph the cheeky Robin who has been feeding in our garden. Yesterday as we stood outside he flew from the Fir trees to the Sunflower heart feeder and took some food. He flew back into the tree branches and just observed us.
Today he flew onto the pink garden waste bucket and posed a few feet away from me.
He thinks its the mad one who is always looking around the garden.
Its been raining heavily overnight, and the soil is waterlogged.
Yesterday Cat took me to the allotment to see what it was looking like after the winter break. It did not look too bad with only a few weeds, and grasses poking up through the turned soil.
I hope it can dry off so I can finish clearing the last ninety square feet of the plot. The Brambles have receded a bit so I can clear them to the fence ready for stone slabs to be layed down.
Once the base is layed I can buy a shed, some compost bins, and enclosed water butts.
I want to make the plot self sufficient so I do not have to buy compost, or walk to the water hole on the other side of the allotment.
I want to grow three types of Potatoes, Onions, Leeks, Cabbages, Carrots, Parsnips, and Garlic up on the allotment. The gardens raised beds will be Strawberrys in one, and Pea's in the other.
I have grown Peas for two years now, and there is nothing better than to eat fresh garden Peas from the pods just picked. I pulled up eight Parsnips yesterday from the gardens raised bed. We had a few roasted last night with a roast dinner.. it was worth the wait to. I want to make Parsnip and Apple soup with the others.
The garden is looking lush, and the Spring Daffodils and Crocuses have begun growing their green leaves from the planted bulbs. The garden birds have been slightly scarse this morning because of the rain.
I bought little handheld Binoculars from the Cheltenham car boot sale for observing the gardens birds. I got up early to watch the birds feeding.

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dinzie said...

It sounds like a wonderful spot :O) I miss the Robins...Though we do have the blackbirds here