Friday, January 15, 2010

Sing A Song

One of my regular visitors to the garden is this male Blackbird. He is very terratorial and spends a lot of time chasing other birds off the feeders. He has a lady Blackbird companion who he hangs about with.
There may be baby Blackbirds in the future.
The snow has stopped but the freezing temperatures have frozen the thawing snow, and the birds water.
The garden still looks like a winter xmas card scene. It is covered in lots of bird footprints, and cat paw prints.
I'm off to Cheltenham today, my home town. Bringing Mums Xmas presents and Birthday presents.
I hope you all have good weekends..


Teresa said...

I just recently posted about black birds and until I did I had no idea how intelligent and loyal they are. I got some great photos and it inspired me to learn about them for the post. Your photo is pretty.

Ofer said...

really enjoyed your post. I moved to the uk from israel 2.5 years ago, and from all birds that visits our garden in the UK black bird is the one that used to visit us in Israel.

I had few years that I worked in many gardens in Israel and in few of them the black birds seems like to know me- or the noise of the lawn mower- and come to look for food.

They are very intelligent birds and can learn quickly weather they should come near us or better to keep of distance.

We also enjoy more birds now - coming to the bird feeder when all covered with snow.

snappy said...

Hi Teresa, thanks for your comment. The Blackbirds are certainly very clever when it comes to finding a food source, and defending it. If I come into the garden they fly upwards shouting at me for disturbing them..
Thanks Ofer, its interesting that there are Blackbirds in Israel. The mower probably uncovered some juicy insects for them to eat.
Im glad that you enjoy the birds visiting your feeders.It is quite a simple putting food and water out for them. They are fun to watch Blackbirds. I love the bright orange beak of the male Blackbird.