Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snow Flakes And Frogs

The Xmas decorations have come down, and I have been working nights. The snow has begun to fall heavily again here in West Yorkshire. It has covered the thin layer of snow that was still laying from before. Snow is laying thick on branches, and wires, and slowly heaping up on the floor making moving difficult. It is so crisp, clean, and white. The light from the snow makes everything look magical.

These are the trees at the front of the garden, liberally coated with snow. The one on the right is our Maple. Occasionally the snow is too heavy and the branches dip downwards dislodging snow before springing back up into its original position.

The falling snow is very mystical looking catching the light, and obscuring the dark wall of the industrial warehouse at the end of our garden.

I went outside last night to refill the bird feeders, and put more seed on the bird table. This Robin was having a snack and looking out from the sheltered table at the falling snow. I feel better for leaving food for the garden birds.
They have a new Sunflower shaped peanut feeder that my Mum sent me along with the David Austin Wisley Rose.
My favourite Xmas presents are two Bob Marley t-shirts, and a sparkly Rhinestone Frog keyring. I collect Frog ornaments. The garden has five Garden frogs around the borders.
My new years gardening resolutions are to get the allotment productive, and to make the garden more beautiful. I have grown ten Teasel plants from the seeds from Trilby Street. I think dotted between the Foxgloves will be very impressive.
I have a seeds catalgoue to peruse as well with the snow falling heavily. Happy new year everyone!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! And inspiring! I am ready to join you bloggers! Presently writing a column for Hamptons.com and Fine Art Hamptons.Thank you for sharing!
Linda Ardigo
Landscape Designer
Bridgehampton, NY

Red Robin said...

The frog keyring looks loverly.
I've snow here now, looks magical, however keeping birds feed as well.

Anonymous said...

How do I upload garden photos to you? Must it come from my blog?