Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rhodie Revamp And The Mouse's House

Cats Rhodie (Rhodadendron) got a make over today. It has been languishing in a pot since we moved here. It has beautiful Raspberry jam speckled pink flowers. I cleared all the grasses and annual weeds that have decided to grow around the base. I removed the dead leaves from last year and moved it into a prime spot on the patio by the bird feeders.
I hope that as the weather warms up that the Rhodie will show signs of life.
It will make the trip if we do have to move, as it is Cats favourite plant in the garden.
I spent a few hours today in the garden tidying up the leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter period.
Dead plants were decanted into my bright pink trug, as well as bird seed, leaves, and branches. These filled my second compost bin to the top. The first compost bin needs emptying across the borders.
The greenhouse was swept out, rubbish removed, and pots restacked neatly. I found my Agave (the Century plant) had suffered some frost damage, and my Venus Fly Traps were looking a bit sickly in the greenhouse. I found a Mouses house too in the corner of one my cardboard boxes.
The Mouse has vacated the box, but they had been eating gourment bird seed all around the greenhouse. My Pea plant guttering was being used as a buffet for the Mice. They had stored masses of Sunflower seeds and bird seed.
The light is fading now outside. I have two days of work before I can continue the gardens clean up...

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