Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Therapy

I cannot remember what this shrub is called that is growing in the back garden. the red/pink flower buds look like little pine cones. The leaves are green and glossy.
I will take whatever colours I can find in the garden in January. Some stars of the garden are the Dogwoods. There is a red one, and an orange one, bare of leaves but beautifully coloured for the grey rainy days.
I was thinking yesterday how the garden helps me destress after work. Just walking around and looking at the plants, seeing what has grown, and what has survived the icy weather before.
I love to pull out a few weeds, and put plants into the ground from pots. I like the soil on my hands, as a direct way of connecting to the garden. I am like Monty Don with soil on my hands and in my blood.
For me gardening can be very good therapy. It seems to be used by Prisons, Young Offender groups, Schools, and Community groups.
Tending an area connects you to the seasons, and to the earth you are growing plants/vegetables in.
If I can relax in the garden then I'm better at work (The hospital as a nurse) helping people, both patients and relatives..
I have a few days off after tomorrow to start the garden tidy up, and hopefully get to the allotment ready to plan the growing season attack..
I hope all your weekends have been fruitful, and fun!

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