Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wild Garden Spirits

I have got up early today to do the RSPB's big garden bird count. It had dropped to below freezing overnight so the garden was coated in frost. All the water was frozen. I made me cups of coffee and replenished the bird feeders. The most popular bird food is the Sunflower hearts, followed by the seed mix in the bowls.
The one hour passed quite quickly. I tried to scan the garden to see all the birds flying in and out.
There were the common birds like the this House Sparrow. They may be brown but they have character and they are in the garden every day. I don't think that they migrate like the other species. They stay within a kilometer of the area where they were born.

Arriving fashionably late was this Nuthatch (just on the one hour mark). He fed on the mixed seed feeder then flew across to land on the fence. His feet help him to defy gravity and walk up a vertical plane. He was the twenty first bird I saw.
The full list was House Sparrows, Blackbirds, a Collared Dove, Goldfinches,a Great Tit,a Feral Pigeon, Robins, Chaffinches, Blue Tits, and the Nuthatch.
They are still flying in and out of the garden as I write this. I submitted my results to the RSPB's website. These will be collated after the weekend, and the figures for 2011 released in March. It shows how species are doing up and down the country and show a snapshot of the top ten Garden Birds.
An urban garden can bring Wildlife into it, with the addition of feeders. It is very meditative to watch the garden birds. They are like the wild spirits of the Urban Garden.

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Kathe W. said...

we had an Audubon count of birds on New Years Eve...we have gold finches, nut hatches,black capped chickadees, flickers, crows, stellar jays,spotted towees,Annas hummingbirds, house finches,and an occasional Coopers Hawk which send all the birds into silent hiding.
I enjoyed looking through your blog. Lovely photos.