Monday, January 10, 2011

Plant Gifts

I love the colours on this Cordyline leaf. Cats parents gave us a bag of three plants when they came for Sunday Dinner last week. There was a Cordyline, a Dracaena, and a Third unknown plant with a rosette of leaves. I think it could be a flowering plant..

The bag they came in has been cut to form a mini pot to catch the water that runs through them. The kitchen windowsill is packed with plants now. An indoor garden to admire as the outside one sleeps.
The ice still has not fully melted in the pond or the pink bucket. It is wet and windy today.I have this week off to catch up on the gardening jobs and the allotment.
I bought some more bird food today, and saw that Wilkos have got their Potato and Vegetable sets out already..
Spring must be getting nearer..


madamebutterfly said...

I keep looking at my veg patch with "Good Intentions" but it is still too frosty to go out and start pulling up stuff. I read that its not good to disturb the soil when its frosty ... which sounds like a good reason to just be standing looking out of the window at it, clutching a cup of steaming Rooiboos!

A Year In My Garden said...

Spring actually is just around the corner, only another six to eight feet of snow to go. I have daffodils sprouting and lilac buds and frostbitten fingers.