Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Debris And Darwin

I have been chilling in the garden for the past two days. Watching the birds flying into the feeders.
I saw the two Linnetts the other day.I saw a Greenfinch this morning feasting on the sunflower hearts.
The milder conditions seems to have inspired flocks of birds to descend into the garden.
I cleared a lot of the debris left in the wildflower patch. There is some bare soil now ready for any seeds to germinate.
The Pond is cool and clear, and has masses of beasties swimming around. I hope that I will see some Frogs again and dragonflys this year.
I planted the white Echinaceas in the sunken border. I removed two leggy Lavenders to make some space.
I have cleared away the debris that had accumulated over the winter. The cleaning up helps you reacquaint yourself with your plants. Seeing which ones have survived and which ones have disappeared.
I want to order some gardening books. I remember somebody saying about a book about Victorian plant hunters. I cant remember what it was called..
I was looking on Amazon and came across a book about Charles Darwins garden at Hope House. I will order that to read. Its funny how gardening can encompass so many other areas like history, culture, and science.
If you know the title of the plant hunters book email me or leave a comment

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Cheryl said...

There is always so much to clear during these cold winter days.
You rightly say, a time to reacquaint yourself with plants.
I love the fact you grow wildflowers. So beneficial to wildlife....also your sweet little pond. I hope you see many frogs and dragonflies and they give you the peace and serenity that wildlife often does.

A charming post......