Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frosty Morning

I am in the middle of my night shifts so this will be a short post..
The Stone Cat is sat in the Lilac Trees pot keeping an eye on the garden. I love the frogs on the boot planter, and two trowels I placed before the snow and ice descended in November.
The garden has been dusted with icy frost this morning. It has a wonderful magic coating everything in fairy dust.
If you have a frosty morning enjoy the spectacle of the ice crystals catching the low winter sun.
The birds are singing away outside, in between darting to the bird feeders.
The blue sky and sunshine makes you feel that the winter will soon be over. I bought some summer bulbs the other day. A white Cone Flower (Echinacea), and Three Spider Lily bulbs. These white flowered beautys will be planted in the wildflower patch next to the pond.
I'm wandering whether to cut down all of last years growth, or just to leave it alone to see what grows..
Gardening is a pleasure, but also a source of ongoing mysteries. I love the fact you never know all the answers. The best thing is trying to work things out..


madamebutterfly said...

Its a beautiful frosty morning down here too.
A good cut back can encourage lots of new growth.

A Year In My Garden said...

The cat looks like the one on Harry Hill - I think it may be called Stufa. Everyone has little bits of ornament around their ngarden which mean a lot to them. These may be the ,most