Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pond Reflections

The Sun is shining outside for once after weeks of rain and grey sky's. The only benefit is the garden looks very luscious and green. The Wildflower area around the pond has bloomed magnificently. The pastel colours of the Snapdragons are like sweets in a sea of green. The Bees and Hoverflys are swarming from nectar rich flower to flower.

My idea was to plant around the edge of the mini pond to soften the harsh green edges, and to produce some shaded water within the pond. It has worked successfully. From a distance you can see the grasses and pond plant Norfolk reed sticking up. The water is shaded.

One of the sights of the summer for me is seeing this Frog chilling in the water. He is one of two. He blends in remarkably well with the rocks and the dark water. If you are not looking he is very well camouflaged. The Frogs were drawn to the water by their natural instinct for finding bodies of water across land!
Maybe they have water magnets inside their brain for finding their way to it. I think USA Alligators show the same skill of walking miles to find a source of water..
I hope that the sun continues to shine to help my Tomatoes ripen. There are a handful of Chilli's only, they probably need a nice greenhouse to do really well.
The pond has been one of the successes of this growing season. I want to buy some more grasses or reeds to plant along the edge near the fence. Landing places for winged insects.I am already planning for next year.

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