Thursday, August 12, 2010

Butterfly And Bee Dance

The Teasel I grew from seed has been attracting Butterflies and Bee's into the garden. The plants are very spiky and have a tendency to lean over. All this pollination will make seed heads bursting with Teasel seeds which I hope that the resident Goldfinches will enjoy.
I have been letting the grass grow a bit wild in the corner and it seems to attract lots of insects.I think sharing your garden with wildlife makes it even more special place to spend your time and money on.
We went to Carr Gate nursery today and bought some Jute sacks. I have been growing loads of Potato's in the garden and up at the allotment. I had not worked out how I was going to store all these spuds!
We have harvested the Charlotte New Potatoes, and the first early Rocket Potatoes. There still are King Edwards, Pink Fir's, Nichola, and Catriona Potatoes...
Late summer means you can enjoy your home grown produce and watch the Butterflies dancing around the air.

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Christina said...

Wow, what a beautiful, vivid butterfly! The colours and lines are very clear, picture well taken.