Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To Days

I have just finished my four night shifts. The sun seems to have been shining on the days when I have been asleep during the day.
These Tansy flowers have flowered in the middle of the back garden in the grass. The Hoverfly has flown into the photo.
The garden is looking a bit wild in places. Holidays and nightshifts give it the urge to run amok sometimes!
I have bought some of next years Spring bulbs already. Tulips, Crocus, and little Iris Reticulata's.
They need planting in a few months.
The summer flowers are in full bloom now attracting all kinds of insects, Bee's, and Butterflies.
On my days off I want to cut the back garden grass, tidy up the messy parts of the garden, and continue the harvesting up at the allotment.
the King Edward Potatoes need digging up and storing in the newly bought Jute bags..

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Anonymous said...

I looked at your photo today and thought thats not Tansy it's Ragwort so looked it up and see its called Tansy Ragwort, not to be confused with Common Tansy. Learn something new every day!

I spent my weekend digging a hole for my tiny pond (following your example) and am now nusy looking up what I want to put into it. My brother said I cna take jam jars of water from his pond to help start mine off - this is all very exciting.