Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Agapanthus Blue And Blackdog

This is my Agapanthus in flower at last. I bought a small plant in a box from Wilkos two years ago. The first year it grew leaves but not much else. It died back over the winter then regrew in the Spring. It has grown thicker leaves and has sent up a flower spike. The Blue flowers are electric in colour.

It is another plant brought back from South Africa. It is loved at Flower shows for its fireworks in white or blue. The flowers explode outwards from the central stem. It was worth waiting for to see it bloom.

I got a copy of this book "Recycling The Essential Guide" from a nice lady at Blackdog Publishing to review. It is a very thorough overview of recycling, from how each type of waste is recycled, to case studies from Green countries around the world. It is a very in depth look and a good snapshot of how recycling is done around the globe.
They have offered a 40 percent discount for readers of the blog, if you want to buy this very interesting book.
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I think its funny how gardening has made me more aware of the natural world as I photograph the flowers, insects, and all the wildlife. I want to garden organically, and we do recycle what we can.
Summer is finally here. Bees are buzzing and the Dahlias and Larkspurs are flowering at last.

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Anonymous said...

I had a wall of agapanthus in my garden in Cape Town - when ever I see them here it brings back nice memories.