Monday, July 24, 2006

Enjoying the Beauty

Britt has written some lovely words about enjoying her garden through long summer days, reading Carol Kapek, and realising she was surrounded by beauty and tranquility.
I totally feel that when im checking the flowers, taking photo's, cutting the grass, or just sat still looking at the garden. Its an english sentiment, and probably international too. Being in a natural environment surrounded by birds, bee's, wasps, butterflies, ants and all living things. The microenvironment you made but cannot control, besides weeding.
This past week is what i have been doing. Enjoying the beauty of my garden. I often leave comments like remember to enjoy the roses.
With work pressures, bills, family problems,etc its too easy to lose sight of the simple things. The wander of growth, of flowers colours and scents, how insects pollenate flowers and continue the next generation of flowers. The rhythm of the seasons, and flowers growing in each. The changing weather, and growing conditions.The effect on your soil, the stuff of garden life.
Sometime you need to put the tools down, pull up a chair, and commune with your garden. Just look, listen, smell, and be still. Next post is about a wanderful place, from down under.

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