Monday, July 24, 2006

Nurturing the earth

To follow my enjoy the beauty post here is my glimpse of this in action. In 1898 William Ricketts was born. He moved to the mount Dandenong in 1934, 30 odd miles from Melbourne in Australia. He was an artist, a violinist, and a deeply spiritual man. His life work began to make a sanctuary, blending the natural and spiritual together. He handmade aboriginal styled sculptures and blended them into the lush mount dandenong environment. He had spent time with central Australian Aboriginal tribes for a period over 11 years. Every sculpted figure is based on a living person.He never made generic sculptures.) .He went to India for a spiritual retreat and found he had empathy for the Indians.
He wrote some fine poetic prose encapsulating his beliefs. A quote is:
"Life is love.All you to all me, for being part of nature we are all brothers to the birds and tree's. Will you then join with us in the sacredness of beauty, because at our highest we are part of the beauty of the world. we know we are part of its creator and design and so in this expression of our minds and hearts and hands we give back to god what emenates from god"
I have lifted from two photo collections, and the Victoria goverment leaflet for the sanctuary.I will leave the addresses after the photo's.


James said...

Hi Snappy,

I love those tree sculptures. Thanks for sharing that and the links. This is also about your previous post as well, I am glad that you enjoy your garden and find it a place of both peaceful repose and meaningful inspiration.

Unfortunately for me I am too much of a townie to do the same. But I like to read your blog anyway.

snappy said...

I think anyone can learn how to garden.Growing sunflowers from seeds is not too hard, and you can do it in pots.I find as work gets more stressful the more i apprecriate the garden.There are allotments, or even going to the park for some grass, tree's, and flowers.Hope you enjoy the read..