Monday, July 24, 2006

Late night

Im over halfway through my annual leave now, away from the hospital and work. I have been out in the garden, watching films, playing the violin, and getting under Sallyanne's feet. I have got sun tanned a bit more.
I have been watching things grow, taking lots of photo's, commenting on other peoples blogs, and generally enjoying the garden.
Its ritualistic now, doing the garden blog. I thought about adding SNAPPY to the blogs title.What do you all think?I worried about the links people have made for me.
I have been corresponding with Alaska, and Australia. Seed swapping, and stories about growing up are two themes.
I want to do a post about a magical place i discovered last night, through cable and the internet, connected to art and gardening..
Garden wise my Hydrangea cuttings have been living in a cut coke bottle whilst new leafs are developing. Joy of joys the little green leaf buds have appeared, which means the rooting powder has worked. The plants are taking moisture and nutrients from the soil, and the cut half sail leafs are doing enough photosynthesis without too much moisture loss.
The morning glories have snaked up to about seven feet. Soon they will meet ,the left and right plants, like lovers on a ship..
The rain yesterday invigorated the wilting violas. Now the plants stand up tall, instead of droopy and down. My Erysimums are being decimated by slugs i think. I need some pellets or a beer trap so try and preserve them. I found they are called wall flowers, even though they dont look like the wall flowers i had before.
The Liatris has the top bud opened today, but i want to wait for a few more to open before posting a pic.
I showed my self seeded (but gardener grew them on, and planted them in rows) violas in yellow, and purples from light violet to dark purple to the johnny jump ups. My viola cornuta have reverted some to white flowers with yellow edging.
Mendel eat your heart out!
( )
I studied him during my A'level biology, and watching the flower colours of Violas develop and change reminds me of him. He truly did change the world with his genetic theory.
I have seen masses of bee's, the BBC reported that bee numbers were down,
But they seem happy enough with my lavender and snapdragons.
I love summer, even when im sweating now as i type this downstairs.Good night world, may all your gardens grow beautifully....

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