Thursday, July 06, 2006

dreams of flowers and gardens

Its remained hot and sultry the weather which is good for the garden, but bad for me sweating and feeling tired.One more early and then i can relax for two days.Cut the grass, and do some weeding.Take photo's of whats growing nicely, and correct any problem area's.
I have been studying dobies catalogue which is lavishly photographed trying to work out plants i have seen in peoples gardens.Mentally working out new combinations of flowers for next year, and seeds that i can sow now for flowers in winter/spring.
I need to recharge my own batterys with the daily stresses of working in a busy acute area of the hospital.I read that george washington stepped down from his office of US president in his second term to spend more time in his gardens at mount vernon.
Sounds cool to me.I need to work, but the garden is always calling me, soothing me, and generally healing the stresses of a long working week.Tomorrow is shift number eight in a row and im tired.time to sleep, perchance to dream of flowers and gardens....


OldRoses said...

Eight shifts in a row! How do you do it? I'm exhausted after four in a row. Fortunately I only have to do that every other week. In between, I work three in a row. How many hours are your shifts? Mine are ten hours each.

snappy said...

I do it because the off duty has been done like that.Day shifts are seven and half hours, night shifts are eleven hours.I average three hours a day commuting to and from work.I sleep a lot and try to garden between the exhaustion.The off duty is always changing from week to week so no pattern.
What do you do Oldrose?