Friday, July 07, 2006

Garden Therapy

After eight long days i have finished my working week.I ignored my usual catnap to nip outside to water my morning glories which had drooped after yesterdays heat.They had beautiful intricate buds with the folded leaves forming spiral shapes.I started going around to see what was happening.
The main thing was that the long border nasturtiums had completely collapsed.Every stem and flower was infested with black flys and bits.Sticky and yucky.I removed the whole diseased, collapsed section.Beneath was a conrnacopia of self seeded plants.A green under the yellow and black of the nasturtiums.
I found violas in yellow with black and white faces, to purple violas, to a purple with yellow edging.My mystery violas next to the summer bulbs were purple with white faces and black/yellow.
The morning glories revived.I saw loads of bee's bombing my foxgloves and snapdragons, and me when i tried to photograph them.
The sun shone between cloud breaks.I ate some KFC tea and went to finish cutting the grass.Mixing in new clippings to the half full compost bin.
I finished by sweeping the path.I need to trim the long edges tomorrow but my body aches now, with twinges in my side.Time to stop for today.
I feel a whole lot better after my garden therapy.All the stresses of work, patients, and relatives has gone.I feel a warm glow, my tan has been topped up, and the garden looks gorgeous again.
The hard part now is deciding which of 72 pictures to blog.Decisions, decisions....
More posts later tonight.

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