Wednesday, July 05, 2006

1028: sultry summer days

That is the number of this post.the 1028th post i have made!!Over eighteen months.I have posted lots of photos so that includes them.If i printed it all i would not a lot of ink.
Quick post anyway.I will repy to all comments but the blogger keeps playing up, hence two july 4th posts.It kept recurring blog 0% published over and over.
I watered the pots this evening after my early shift, sleep, and violin lesson.I noticed the trellis morning glory has the first red flower buds.I need some water retaining granules to make sure it does not dry out.I have two big yellow/orange roses in the arched border.One on each bush and many buds fattening up.
The bindweed is flowering in the long border wild corner, the hedge bramble has flower buds and first fruit growth on it.I want to make a pie this year with the blackberrys the hedge gives me.I have spotted several wild bushes on the long hill so i may get some from there.Just like being a kid again going blackberry picking!
The grass mulch in the square border has toughened the plants up.They all look very green despite the heat.There are ripening sunflowers hurray, expect lots of pics of them if they flower for me.
My snapdragons are flowering away in white, pink, and now red.The lavender bush has nice purple flower stakes.The hebe pascal has wanderful purple furry flowers which i did not expect.
My pot nasturtiums continue to outshine the border grown plants, they are smaller but have more flowers and were easier to defeat the black fly that has decimated the middle nasturium bush.
My summer pansys in the pot continue to flower true to colour.The ones in the arched border amaze me with the colour dilution now white,yellow,pink and purple.
My violas have turned white with yellow edging in part of the square border.Viola cornuta must be a cross between yellow/white because the white is now being expressed on one plant.
My solitary french marigold is flowering now.I must have been too hasty last year removing them because there were hundreds and only one self seeded flower.
In the long border i have mystery violas by the summer bulbs where i have never planted them before.I cant wait to see them.My self seeded viola two lines have flowered purple and yellow flowers.
I did have red ones before but they must have not self seeded properly.
The foxgloves look wanderful still, and the seedheads are not yet ripe.I want to start growing more for next year with this years seeds.
The grass needs a cut.The white clover has left the grass looking snowy with the fields of white fragrant flowers.Bee's love them though.
The lilac tree is slowly shedding its leaves.The diseased look is in fact just the leaf drop.I have seen full size tree's dropping their on my way to work.
Two shifts left to work.I am tired out but the garden continues to reinvigorate me, and make me look forwrd to days off.To spend time weeding, looking, smelling, touching, and being outside.Its been hot and humid over past few days.

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