Friday, June 09, 2006

Tasha's garden

I could not get on blogger last night because it was down.It was the hottest day of the year yesterday i think.I got sunburnt face, and shoulders helping renovate the neglected garden.Me and Salam got started at half ten.
The biggest plot is the back garden maybe thirty feet long by twenty across.The tangle was unbelievable due to bordering tree's blocking out a lot of light.The tree roots and woody stems looked very enchanted forest, with ivy growing happily in the deep shade along the floor.I trimmed
all the lateral branches and leafs, and cut up so the horizontal plane became more outlined.The cutting stopped about my head because the tree's were beautiful waving in the wind.
We started to prepare a weed infested patch for grass seed.The soil was like concrete, the progress was slow.Salam needs to dig out the worst weed roots yet, and plant some grass seed.The half of the garden next to the backdoor is on a slope but it had grass.
Yesterday as we moved along clearing each section I saw the outline of a previous garden.The old guy had a long border in the middle (which I kept as the only border as they are not gardeners), a concrete strip with sunken hole for car mechanics, and loads of snowdrop bulbs.I have some, Tasha has loads more to add to her four hundred bulbs.
There is a raspberry bush from next doors garden which grows in between a wooden fence, but as it had pretty buds, and the thought that they could pick fresh raspberries I trimmed it slightly.
Around the edge of the garden I left paths to cross around.Cleared fat weeds with enormous roots, moved the wheely bins to a concrete slabbed section away from the backdoor.
We stopped every so often to drink coffee/pepsi max/water/lager.It did not matter what because we sweated it out again.Salam cut the hedge trimmer wire THREE times and repaired it three times.Its funny we gardened for a while in silence, started talking, before lapsing back into silence.
We trimmed the maddest overgrown hedges, took out lots of weeds that were standing large.Then we discovered stone paving beneath the overgrowth.Once it had been cleared we swept it up, using a gap behind the trees for a natural compost heap.Some went in a black bin but they need a compost bin if they want to do it properly.
My multi tool with saw blade snapped, the rake snapped.The garden was transformed.We started the front garden but thats so overgrown we stopped at half past six.After eight hours gardening we could barely move.
I fell asleep last night after all the effort.I started the transformation bac into a usable garden.It was not touched for 3+ years and all the natural weeds had taken over the garden, and it was messy with brambles, nettles, sticky weeds, the only nice wild flower was buttercups and i kept them edging one side of their border.
I put my plants in, gave watering instructions, and hope they try to maintain it.The front garden will be a seperate days work in a week or so..


Claire Splan said...

Congratulations. It sounds like a lot of hard work, but the results look good.

snappy said...

thanks Claire.It was exhausting work and the sun made it worse.Good for lying down in, but not for working hard manually.I have to return to finish the front garden which was a nightmare..