Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day off

Apart from selecting some "heirloom" plants for tashas garden i did not do much today. The sun was shining brightly, the family actually sat outside together for a rare group pictures. In much better circumstances than last week.
Cara slept all day in the hedge and by the tree, getting up only to eat biscuits or to follow the shade.She was cooking, with her long haired black coat.
I read a terrible article about gnomes being banned from the Chelsea flowers show.
I love them for their presence, as a bit of fun. A remnant of pagan times with spirits roaming the earth with us..
Stuart has taken the opposite stance and says they should be run over by a mower. My grandad had a small collection, and after my grandparents passed away i took most of them .My sister took the biggest one but is afraid to leave it outside.
For us they have sentimental/memorial value. I am going to post a pic of one of my gnomes in a spirit of defiance!
You have what you want in your garden,From solar lights to pergolas to rocks to statues to benches to fountains.
I think the whimsy of spying one nestled in a beautiful display is fun, and symbolic of nature spirits. Chelsea flower show is world famous, and known for its strict views on gardening. Are Gnomes anti establishment?Hooded anarchists?
Tomorrow we have a lift to Tasha's in the morning. I will take my cloth bag, extention cable, and garden tools ready to retake paradise from the nettles!!
keep on growing in the sunshine!


Stuart said...

Hey David - I'm certainly glad I've caused some controversy in the gardening world by picking on these poor, defenceless creatures. I think it's great that you like them and I'm comfortable with it being a matter of personal opinion. Some like them - some don't.

If you're interested in stating your view I've set up a poll on whether gardeners would have gnomes in their garden, on my blog. At present, it seems the "No's" are winning.

snappy said...

Thanks,last time i looked i could not see the poll.It was not displaying.Who would have thought something so innocent could cause such divisions?I know some people hate them, and mass prooduction of cheap plastic versions have done no favors.Hence chelsea flower show and the RHS banning them.
My garden is full of whimsy, frogs and snails, a little girl with a bird, fairies, and solar lights.And my gnomes.Each to their own i say again.