Monday, June 05, 2006

Tasha's garden and Nettles (big ones!!)

I just checked all the comments and posted replies to each comment.Thanks for dropping by.I have worked a late shift and walked back in the dar.Back on early shift tomorrow so an early 5am rising for me with the dawn chorus.My hanging basket looks cool with loads of white petunias.More pics tomorrow.
I have days off on wednesday and thursday, and my garden equpment loans withstanding I will be tackling Tasha's monster overgrown garden.Their is a garden there beneath the five foot of nettles!I want to make a small memorial garden for her mum at the back of the house.Sallyanne went today and took some before pictures.
She grinned at me and said you will need a miracle to do Tasha's garden.It does look tough and i have the one day to do it.
You wont believe the photo's.I hope i can bring some healing to her.I read yesterday about memorial gardens, healing gardens, meditation gardens, and sensory gardens.
The link is they all use the garden to evoke an emotional response, using plants and flowers for shape, noise in the wind.My white birch apparently is a good tree for a sensory garden for the noise it makes as wind blows through it.
My tree rocks back and forth leafs springing so i can appreciate that.The original idea was mine after the funeral we went to.I have my late grandparents succulents in a container as a memorial thing.A living memory that flowers every year.
Nature girl had one post which mentioned a secret and meditation garden.This all crystalised in my head, and hours of google searching later i fell asleep.
I will post photos and a nettle stinging commentary late thursday.After the hard work has been done the healing will start...


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Snappy....
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm pleased you like my garden. Its been hard work, a labour of love, I like to call it. Its only 9 years old, for like you we had to start from scratch as it was simply an overgrown sloping piece of land when we first moved in. Work on the house was our first priority, however, by '97 we were ready to make a start.
From your pictures you too have done well. I wish you well with your next project, take care with that nettle bed tho', and oh! do enjoy that dawn chorus. Keep in touch....

snappy said...

Thank you Marion.A garden is a life long pleasure.I will keep visiting yours.The nettles await for tomorrow..