Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My partial day in the garden

After work today I ignored my usual catnap, to spend a few hours in the garden. It was a beautiful june day, cloudy but some sunshine between clouds. No rain though.
My beautiful orange rose bush has some strange leaf disease. I cant decide if its succumbed to a pest or virus. The leafs have got black/brown splotches on them, before they turn yellow then drop off the bush. One bush is already half bare. A photo will follow if anyone recognise the condition please help!!
I put some mulch now around the two rose bushes because the soil is that dry i wander if the plants go into shock and succumb to nasty rose diseases.
A few anemones had been flattened by something. I hope the leafs regrow from them in my negative space.
Snapdragons, and my foxglove alba looked a bit droopy so i did some emergency watering. Their is a water shortage in the south of england so i feel guilty but if it gets hot my gardens clay soil will kill loads of plants.
I planted tomato seeds, busy lizzies, repotted evening primroses, found some 2005 vintage violas seeds now planted, found forget me not seedlings which are potted up now.
I weeded the square and long border. I was too tired to cut the grass. Tomorrow.
Photos to follow, then some research for Tasha's garden...

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