Saturday, June 10, 2006

The front Garden

The picture to the left is the front garden.It has a wooden fence to the left, and a hedge to the front.It had the ivy like ground cover with purple/blue flowers, and five foot weeds.Very little grass has survived.The hedge cutter was used to level the nettles, weeds, and roughly shape the hedge.
The strimmer was unable to make much of an impact.We had reached an impasse.
I have been thinking how to redo the front.My first thought was that we would have to dig it up and remove as much weed root as we could dig.As i discovered in places the soil is clay like concrete.Pretty hard to dig more than six inches.Sometimes less.
I thought of weedkiller, digging them up, laying down a weed suppressing layer and then hard layering except for a weeping willow tree.It needs to be small though, and i need to order it and the supplies because they do not have much money.
Does anyone know what i could layer on top that is cheap?Stone slabs would have to be laid on the surface.The front door is passable now because the nettles have gone.
Only temporarily because they will be growing strongly soon.Need idea's how to proceed.


Tani said...

Hi,I just found your blog,I thaught it quite enjoyable,I am interested in how the heirloom garden redo comes along.Your garden seems to be flourishing as well.I have a blog about my garden as well,you can visit at

Claire Splan said...

You can try what I did in my back yard. You can put on a thick layer of wet newspaper and top it with mulch (maybe you can get a tree-trimming company to give you the wood and leaf chips for free--some companies will do that). It doesn't work perfectly but it does smother most of the weeds. So far I just have a few popping up in a couple holes between the newspaper and at the edges of the bed, but that's much easier to control than weeding the whole area. But it takes a lot of newspaper. You have to either save it up for a long time or get everyone you know to save it for you. Also, don't use any of the slick paper inserts--only newsprint paper.

snappy said...

Thanks Tani, i will check out your blog.

Claire you are psychic today on the way to work i thought the way to go was dig it up totally, weed it, and then put black bags down covered in bark chippings except for willow tree.Newspaper is cool idea.If it blocks the light it will suppress weeds.Will keep you updated!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Cardboard also works... some say better, because it lets more air through. Google "Lasagna Gardening" and you should come up with quite a few sites on how to build beds via the layering-but-no-digging technique.

snappy said...

will look it up too thanks.Its in dire need of a revamp though this garden.I have to do it as cheaply as possible.Bark chippings are quite cheap.I do think i need to dig out as many as possible because it is an infested patch of ground.