Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ghostly goings on

Today when i was at work Sallyanne told me she heard a bang upstairs when she was alone.She went upstairs thinking one of the cats was in Mat's room.At the top of the stairs there is a window where there are bottles of deoderant and an air freshener.When Sallyanne got to the top of the stairs they were scattered over the floor.She felt warm, but replaced them.
When she told me i said was wind maybe.Not fiveminutes later there was another bang.I went upstairs thinking it was next door.
On the carpet was a bottle of voodoo lynx deoderant.I shouted babe its fallen off.When i turned to Mats door there was an air freshener, five feet from the windowsill.I got a cold shiver.
Mats girlfriend went to pick him up yesterday when we did the garden.Her little girl said she had seen a ghost at the bottom of the stairs.Her grandmother was a medium so maybe the gift has passed generations.
Maybe Tina was paying a visit to see us as she never visited this house because of her illness.She was only 46 years old.
I am planning the revamp on tasha's front garden.This was vaguely connected to the gardening because it was a memorial garden with the forget me nots (Tina loved those), and Rosemary.The idea of a garden was for relaxation and meditation, allowing the healing from bereavement.I dont feel threatened by the new presence in our house, but it has freaked me a bit so im sharing it, in case you have any ghostly experiences...


Alice said...

I don't have any ghost stories really, only those told by Trevor Rooney (Looney Rooney) on one of his Ghost Walks through the Shambles in York. What a memorable night that was, really one of the highlights of our time in England.

Have you been on a Ghost Walk through York?

I hope your ghost will prove to be a friendly one.

snappy said...

í have been to york (see last years posts with the duck family walking on the banks of the ouse!) and seen its historic buildings.It has a lot of ghost walks usually with a man in a black hat.Its so old york it must surely have ghosts!Its one of the most atmospheric citys to visit with the Jorvik viking centre, and the original city walls.One of the few walled citys still intact.It also has beautiful floral displays around the city.
No ghostly bangings today but Sallyanne thought it was a friendly spirit.I was sceptical untill them things flew off the window sill.Rational thought could not explain it.
Its funny how ghosts to you conjured up the shambles in york.I am pleased you commented.Thanks!