Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kitchen Garden Estate

The rain has made gardening impossible,so the next best thing is to read a book about it.I got a copy of Helene Gammacks book "Kitchen Garden Estate".It is published by the National Trust.
 She looks at traditional country garden estates and what they had growing to feed the household.She offers some advice for each section for the modern self sufficient gardener.
 I love the historic look at all manner of growing your own produce.From Vegetables,Wall Gardens,Herbs,Orchards and Fruit Trees,Fish Ponds,Bee Hives,Dovecotes,Home Dairy's,Deer Park,and Vineyards.
 It is very informative and sheds light where the obsession for grow your own came from.In Britain there is a long history of people growing their own produce.There are skills we can still use today in the garden.
  What I also enjoyed was there are lots of historic recipes to try out in each of the chapters.
If it is cold and wet where you are this book is an excellent and easy to read.

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