Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2012 (part one)

We went to the Spring Flower Show when it opened on Thursday.It was a case of ducking under cover between frequent showers.Gardeners are a hardy bunch so the crowds were there to celebrate the new growing season.The band was playing under cover by the blue gate.They have been there every year we have gone with their New Orleans style jazz music.Bring me sunshine...
The sun did shine through occasionally but we did end up getting wet.I wore my big black coat and a Yorkshire flat cap to stop me getting too wet.
A new feature at this years show was eight outdoor show gardens designed by garden designers,companies and students.They must have had a nightmare trying to construct them because the ground was boggy.Hence the bark chippings on the right hand side.This is Contemporary Heart by PWP Landscapes.

This one was for the Team GB Olympic team.A diver is plunging into a pool of flowers with the crowds cheering from the stands.
This was the Askham Bryam college entry simply called Shhhh.I love the curves of the wood and bricks,and neat planting.There is a lovely Corylus Avellana Contorta tree to the left.They had a copper version of the tree as a fountain dripping water.They recycled materials from previous gardens and the bench was from the potting shed.
The Dicentra looked lovely with Forget Me Nots growing underneath them.This garden won a gold Medal.We have Cats Dicentra growing in the sunken border.This is the time of the year that they flower.They were in a lot of the Nursery displays in the two flower halls two.A welcome reminder of Spring.
This garden had a White flowers growing under a Sambucas Nigra.I loved the contrast of the black and white.This had some Silver Birch Trees in the corner.It was called Practical Tranquility by New Leaf Landscapes and Keith Ledger.It won a Premier Gold Award.
I want one of these water features.The copper cups overflow and pour down to the next layer.The black rocks and slate catch the water and recycle it back up to the top.The show is good for giving you ideas for new plants,planting combinations,or new sundries to buy for the garden.
This garden called Glass And Grass by Sally Tierney, had a square pool with Marsh Marigolds growing next to a broken glass sphere that water cascaded from.The Magnolia was just about opening its pink flower buds.Each of the gardens cost around a few thousand pounds.
I loved this Horticap Blue Peter garden.It cost a mere £650 to construct.It has recycled materials and various nods to Blue Peter.Pictures of the presents,instructions to make a pencil case with a washing up liquid bottle,a wire dog,and stamps.It is possible to do a show garden that helps illustrate the work of the Charity.Horticap helps train people with learning disabilities in horticultural skills,allied crafts, and rural skills.They are based in Harrogate at the Blue coat Wood Nursery.
These lovely bearded Iris were for sale in an outdoor stand.There was hundred of traders selling gardening stuff,food,drink,greenhouses,statues,ornaments,garden tools
There were two Flower Halls packed with over 100 Nurseries and Plant Growers from all over the country.There were frequent returners,but also new Nurseries that I have not seen before.They were all marked on their displays and some were awarded medals.
After a long wet winter these halls represent flowering nirvana.There were so many beautiful flowers,plants,and grasses growing exuberantly.You can feel your energy levels pick up,and the camera was clicking away.I took 180 photos and have tried to distill some of the show down.I loved these Fox Tail Lily's.
A favourite flower of mine is Astrantia (notice the top picture).These Astrantia were flowering beautifully.Ruby Astrantia.
Fernatrix were present too with their lush display of Ferns.It looked like a little prehistoric garden had landed in the flower hall.
I loved these Parrot Tulips.Pure white with the frilly edges.Flowering to perfection.
Anemone De Caen looked sumptuous with the lilac colour,freshly watered by the look of it.
Blocks of colour abounded in both halls.These Chrysanthenums were at the peak of their flowering beauty.
They even had managed to get Welsh Poppies to flower in a display.One Orange, and one Yellow.Their papery petals make them sing out.
A Rhododendron and Azalea sweet shop.I have not seen these display at the show before.Our Rhodie's are still tightly holding onto their flowers.The buds are asleep.How they made theres bloom is amazing.
Azalea Evergreen Surprise.What beautiful flowers!
These really are like the night sky just as the sun has gone down.The colour is electric blue.
I loved these Aliums and Amaryllis.They are a dutch company who specialise in those two plants.They had them stood upright in rectangular zinc containers.I love this display!
The last photo from part one is these lovely Hostas.They have been planted in containers like ours and along a small stone path.I was amazed at the number of different sizes.From massive Hostas down to miniature Hostas.We bought three small ones called Hosta Kitty Cat.I want to grow them in a container on the table by the backdoor so we can admire them.


L said...

Thanks for an informative account of the show as I couldn't make it.
Did you buy anything for your garden?

snappy said...

Hi L,I came back from the show with a mixture of plants.3 Hosta Kitty Cat (minature ones),one Bletilla Orchid plant,two Pelagoniums (one rose scented and one pink flowered on variegated leaves).one wall hanging wire frog,plant labels for the allotment raised beds.Sausages from the Sandy & Black Stall,smoked Mackeral from Lancashire,and two bottles of dry ginger drink.
I rarely come back from anywhere without a souvenir or five!