Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bugs,Blooms and Birds

 I have just finished my second night shift.After making a coffee I walked around the garden to look at all the plants.The Apple Tree has masses of red flower buds.The Lilac Tree is starting to open its deliciously scented flowers.The Camellia now has three lovely pink flowers on it.The Rose I rescued from a friends garden has started to grow its first rose bud.Its colour is unknown so I will watch closely to see what the Rose is like and whether it is scented.Cats Hostas are growing daily and the rolled leaves are now poking up in two of the planters.
Another flower returning after a winter break is this lovely Viola Laborica?It has an electric blue/purple colour with lovely striped lower petals.It is almost Orchid like in its looks,but is only the size of my little finger nail.
 I'm watching the House Sparrows feed on the circular fat ball container,and hop around the Roses picking the aphids off.
 Some recent research from the showed bird feeders lead to less aphids, so feeding the birds helps them predate them and keeps their numbers down.
 I love watching them feed,and they are an organic pest control.

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Anonymous said...

everything is looking and feeling very spring like now - I love the picture of your pond, it's looking so well established now - it's inspired me to have another crack at mine.