Friday, July 21, 2006

Would you have these in your garden?

Following a comment from Myrtle ( I began to research about pink flamingo's. Lawn ornaments from 1950's america that tap into the same rich vein as garden gnomes. The question is would you have a place in your garden for them?
My source information said a man called Don Featherstone came up with the original design from national geographic pictures of wild flamingoes.
They have been sold in pairs ever since. I have seen them briefly untill today. There are Americans who collect them much like i do frogs.
They have been taken on holiday by enthusiasts, stolen by students, and had websites made about them.
Ahem, I have looked on Ebay and found a pair. Roll on payday.
When i was younger my grandparents took me and my sister to Flamingoland in North Yorkshire. here:
I feel for those Darn pink birds now with the surge of anti-flamingo feelings.I will be interested in the comments...


Carol said...

Nope I wouldn't want to have them in my garden although I love pink, I don't like plastic in the garden at all! Plastic is the most unnatural thing I know.

snappy said...

Do you have any plastic pots Carol?Or plastic drainpipes?When i wrote that post i knew instinctively you would not have them.They are Kitch, but the story behind them is lovely.I dont have the money to buy a pair yet.I dont even know if i would find a home for them in my garden.I want them for the sake of having a pair..