Friday, July 21, 2006

Gardening Therapy

Stuart found a cool gardening link in a Wisconsin paper, about how a women with cancer started gardening, helping her get through the difficult times through tilling the soil and nurturing plants.
The BBC has an article about people with mental health problems working at Battersea garden project one day at a week. The man they interview said it gave him satisfaction from growing things, the feeling of achievement.
When i have been stressed from the daily battles of working in an acute area of the NHS i retreat into the garden. After about ten minutes the stresses evaporate.
Is it hard to admire plants, flowers, scents, and sounds and stay stressed out? I think most of the bloggers who garden feel those positive feelings. The hard work, the nurturing, the sense of excitement when something grows well.
I have looked at meditation gardens, sensory gardens, and think in the future i will try to design one of them. The front window border will be my first attempt next year.


Alice said...

The theraputic value of gardening is amazing. I remember the first year we were in our present home (more than 30 years ago) and we didn't have any garden at all. It was the most frustrating year of my life.

Many aspects of gardening don't require a lot of thought, so one can sort out some worries or problems in a relaxed atmosphere.

snappy said...

I agree.This house was gardenless two years ago.I tidied up, cut grass, and dug borders.I have blogged that.This is my first proper OWN garden and i love it, more than work sometimes.It is better than therapy.