Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday update

Im between shifts again.I found time after my violin lesson to go out and photograph some of the garden.I selected a few photos from those i took.I watered all the bone dry pots.It has been hot and humid, with strong sunshine between the clouds.
My busy lizzies keeled over again in the square border, even with Mulch.I love them as plants but i think i will keep them on the windowsill.Buy some dainty double flowered ones.They have done nothing but wilt by frost, then heat.They are not half hardy annuals like plant label says, not for yorkshire hillside gardens!!
I got some early anniverdary presents from Sallyanne.A hanging basket, two sweet male/female pots with legs, four pot ornament gnomes, and two more trellis.The first one was affixed to the window and drainpipe and some morning glory tendrils introduced to it.
Five little leo's are blooming now.They are really sweet flowers, with tree trunk type stems, and half chewed leaves.
The violas seem to have got mildew, so i watered them.I sprayed my nasturtiums with washing up liquid.Deadheaded them.I love the colours, oranges and reds, and variations between them.The pot ones have outlasted the dead border ones.The leafs are very light green, dont know why.
The rose bushes (Sunshine) continue to bloom spectacularly.I love the way they look like cut flower arrangements.Big fluffy blooms with sweet rose smell.I am waiting for rose bush (Frosty morning) to bloom.It is tantalising me with one bowl shaped bud with white petals edged with red.They were bare root, only £5 and they have been superb so far!!Hurray for homebase.
A few more work days left before two weeks off.I will look after Sallyanne, bake, play violin, garden everyday, and enjoy every moment i have.
Thanks for all the comments.I feel you all, keep on growing well.Good night world!


Britt-Arnhild said...

I love the funny style you have in your garden. I love it when you can walk around in the garden discoverings small whims made by it's gardener, and I think alot of them can be found in your garden.

snappy said...

Thanks Britt.I feel inspiration from your blog, and take a little from evry one i read.Two years and two months i have been trying to make the garden beautiful.I hope it shows through the photos and writings.