Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evening Update

Its wednesday evening now, after an early shift.I fell asleep, went for a walk around town for Sallyanne's wedding anniversary presents. I bought some cool garden bits. A sun face, aztec style made from ceramic which is outside now looking down on the garden.
I finally bought a soil testing kit for working out why my Camelias only half flower, why the pieris is looking under the weather, etc. I bought some Ericaceous food for the acid loving plants.
At work today it was sunny so the side fire door was open. In the hot sunshine we all admired the Hydrangea, with shades from blue to lilac to pink, and pink, and white alongside. Fran and me decided it would be a good cutting before we moved wards from our present location.
She got us four cuttings, two each, wrapped in wet tissue paper and cling film. Mine was wrapped again in a damp tissue for the trip home. I bought rooting powderon the way back.
I mentioned to Claire before when you find a new plant to learn about you see it everywhere. Today i noticed every blue/off blue/pink/lilac coloured hydrangea from Wakefield to Castleford. Ten miles, hundreds of them from small bushes to the giant in our hospital grounds.
I must mention Carol who left me the largest number of comments in one day.Thanks for reading through the blog and leaving comments.I will reply eventually to all of them.
A few pics to follow, i have two shifts left with the wedding anniversary in the middle.I am planning on cooking a three course meal for Sallyanne on the 14th July...
I hope my cuttings take.Over the two weeks i have off i will try to grow lots of new plants from cuttings.I will walk around to look for new plants growing on edges etc.


Karen said...

Oh, an Aztec style sun. ;-)

(Guess I should have read this first instead of reading top to bottom.)

snappy said...

It is displayed from most recent post to older posts.Thank you for reading this far down.I love the Aztecs, one day i will visit their sacred sites and look for some planting inspiration in the native flowers and plants.